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Why is it important to purchase your hearing aids from an Audiologist?

Posted February 13th, 2018

Once it has been determined that hearing aids are needed, it is best to obtain them from a licensed audiologist. Our audiologists are licensed and certified both nationally and in the state of Virginia. Audiologists receive extensive graduate school training to manage many areas of hearing health care. This includes choosing the most appropriate hearing aid for a particular hearing loss, programming the hearing aids in the most effective manner, fine tuning the instruments based on the feedback and needs of each individual patient, and staying up-to-date on the most recent hearing aid advancements and technology.  Their scope of practice also includes the non-medical evaluation and management of hearing and balance disorders.

Purchasing Hearing Aids From an Audiologist

Dr. Alidad Arabshahi


Dr. Alidad Arabshahi has been appointed as a board member of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Office of Governer Terry McAuliffe on the Board for Hearing Aid Specialists and Opticians.  Congratulations!  



Potomac ENT is now a Division of The Centers for Advanced ENT Care (CAdENT) as of December 1, 2017

The Centers for Advanced ENT Care, the Mid-Atlantic’s premier provider of comprehensive ear, nose, and throat services, offers patients the highest standard of professional medical care with state-of-the-art equipment at convenient and readily-accessible practice locations.

The Centers for Advanced ENT Care - LEARN MORE

Top Doctor 2015 Award Dr. ArabshahiCongratulations to Dr. Arabshahi and Dr. Ipakchi

With a commitment to patient care excellence, once again our physicians Dr. Ipakchi, and Dr. Arabshahi have been selected as Top Doctors Washingtonian 2017!





Differences Between Acute and Chronic Sinusitis

Posted by Potomac ENT October 25th, 2017

Sinusitis is common! Acute sinusitis can be triggered by a cold or allergies and may resolve on its own. Chronic sinusitis can last from four to eight weeks and may be caused by an infection or growths and can linger for years, its cause can be hard to pin down and hard to treat.

Symptoms include: facial pain, runny nose, nasal congestion and headache.


What is Sinusitis? - Overview and Treaments

Posted by Potomac ENT September 13th, 2017

Sinusitis is defined as an inflammation of the sinus lining, and is commonly caused by structural issues such as ostial blockage, bacterial infections, viral infections or a combination of these.


Top Doctor 2015 Award Dr. Arabshahi

Northern Virginia Top Doctors in 2017

With a commitment to patient care excellence, all three of our practicing physicians have once again been selected as Northern Virginia Top Doctors in 2017! Dr. Ipakchi, Dr. Arabshahi, and Dr. Cheng

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