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At Potomac Ear, Nose & Throat, quality, modern, and efficient care are the hallmarks of our practice. We are highly trained board and subspecialty certified physicians. We provide services that cover the entire scope of your ear, nose, and throat needs.

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Seasonal Allergy Weed

Ragweed Allergy Potomac ENTThe pollen from ragweed causes allergy symptoms in many people. These symptoms include sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, and itchy throat. While many people regard spring as prime pollen season, one type of pollen wreaks havoc in the late summer and fall. Ragweed pollen usually reaches peak levels in mid-September; this type of pollen can cause seasonal allergic rhinitis (more commonly known as hay fever), which affects as many as 23 million America. Learn More

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At Potomac ENT we have a robust Allergy Center overseen by a physician that is board-certified in Otolaryngic Allergy and staffed by allergy nurses that handles allergy treatments via immunotherapy! 

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Top Doctor 2015 Award Dr. Arabshahi

Northern Virginia Top Doctors in 2017

With a commitment to patient care excellence, all three of our practicing physicians have once again been selected as Northern Virginia Top Doctors in 2017! Dr. Ipakchi, Dr. Arabshahi, and Dr. Cheng

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